Three brothers. Born in Yorkshire. Raised in the Lake District.



The Wild Swimming Brothers spoke at the 2017 Outdoor Adventure & Camping show. Their talk on their mad adventures was easily one of the most positively commented on talks by our visitors and staff. Many of our visitors came with the specific intention of hearing the brothers talk and they were not disappointed.
— Outdoor Adventure Show, ExCel London
Photo:  Stephen Hughes (   Upstart Photography   )

The boys are currently working on a TV series. The amended paperback version of their book will be released in April, ‘20. They are open to all different kinds of creative collaboration.

If you’d like to contact the brothers please use the press contact details below. The brothers are represented by:


Richard Pike at Conville & Walsh - Books

Vanessa Fogarty at Curtis Brown - Film/TV



Tel: 07788248665



Calum is the cross-legged Yoda sitting at the helm of WSB marketing strategies. One of their key strengths is the ability to reach an audience through four different streams. Not only do they speak out as the Wild Swimming Brothers, but they also have their own individual media channels as well. The aim is to offer personal and direct engagement, whilst simultaneously increasing their share options and the likelihood of their ramblings and adventures reaching a wider audience. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to reach one of the brothers individually, you can get in touch with Robbie, Calum or Jack via their respective social media outlets and emails.



Twitter: @wild_hudson





Twitter: @C_T_Hudson




Twitter: @J_D_Hudson