Three brothers. Born in Yorkshire. Raised in the Lake District.


Books and artworks inspired by the rush of open water swimming.

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swim wild


After a year of keeping it under wraps, the brothers are excited to announce the launch of their book, Swim Wild, published by Hodder & Stoughton imprint Yellow Kite.

Swim Wild is a motivational travelogue written by Jack with contributions and illustrations from Calum and Robbie (The Wild Swimming Brothers). The book uses first-hand experiential storytelling to give specific, in-depth insight into the benefits of swimming outdoors. The brothers hope it will help you to redefine your limits - to show that you don’t have to be ex-military, well-funded or well-spoken to launch cool expeditions and explore the world.

The narrative follows a selection of waterborne Wild Swimming Brothers’ adventures, including their journey into the Arctic Circle, where they swim across the two most powerful maelstroms in the world (Saltstraumen and Moskstraumen).

Discover the bubbling rush of cold water therapy, the restorative power of nature and other ancient remedies for bouts of anxiety and depression.


Swim Wild is now available to pick up in Waterstones and other bookshops around the UK. You can also order a copy from Amazon and other online retailers.

Calum’s mouth hung open. His cheeks were reddened by handfuls of cold water. I pulled down my goggles and slid back and gripped the side of the dinghy with both arms and lowered myself into the Norwegian water. I went under and the cold blanketed my swim cap and wrapped around my shoulders. Calum and Robbie (my brothers) watched from above as I surfaced. Small waves lapped against my neck and nipped my earlobes. I suppressed a gasp and leant back and floated for a second with my arms outstretched. My ragged breathing began to slow. Then the two of them leapt from the dinghy and crashed into the water on either side of me...
— Jack Hudson (Preface, Swim Wild)


The wild swim studio - ARTWORKs inspired by outdoor swimming



Bring the natural world into your home

Run by The Wild Swimming Brothers, The Wild Swim Studio is a collection of artworks inspired by Outdoor Swimming and the natural world. A meeting place for all things creative in the wonderful wild swimming community.

The aim of these artworks is to visually describe the amazing swimming landscapes all around the world, capture the pure joy of swimming and help you to reconnect with the natural world.

Our collections offer original artworks, premium prints and drawings for all budgets and needs. 


In Robbie’s portfolio you'll find sketches and paintings inspired by wild swims around the world, from the lakes of the Atlas Mountains to the murky branches of Australian billabongs.

Rob first started using wild swimming for inspiration when he swam the 9-mile length of Lake Ullswater - his favourite lake in Cumbria. From a young age he’d wondered how it would feel to swim it from end to end. Then he secured an artist bursary award from VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities) and finally completed this ambition. He used the experience to create a series of abstract pieces. In this series he experimented with geometric symbols that referenced the visual cues of the landscape, as well physical and psychological aspects of training.

I believe that in order to see and represent a subject in a unique visual way, you must first earn a new perspective from which to look from. I enjoy exploring the link between extreme physical exercise and creativity.
— Robbie Hudson

In his work Rob experimented with different forms and ideas of journeys to structure the series. He traces a line through a landscape and follows that course to experience a place physically, mentally and emotionally. He then maps this journey artistically.

Literature, art and travel are important influences in Rob’s life and work. He also focuses on rewilding processes and the protection and preservation of the natural world and the animal kingdom.

Rob’s artwork has been exhibited in Berlin, London, Newcastle, Kendal, Istanbul and Toronto. His work is also featured in private collections throughout Europe, the US and Australia.




Rob drew this series of illustrations for the Wild Swimming Brothers’ book Swim Wild. These are rough copies offering an idea of the style he chose to match the narrative. These include a map of the Corryvreckan, three hand drawn portraits of the brothers and digital sketches of lion’s mane jellyfish...




In 2016 the brothers travelled into the Arctic Circle and completed two swims across the Moskstraumen and the Saltstraumen - the two most powerful maelstroms in the world. These maelstroms had never been swum by anyone before. For the longer 8km distance of the Moskstraumen, the boys spent 2 hours and 22-minutes in the icy water. These drawings are records of this experience.




Rob’s sea swims were made around the Greek islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos. The warm water was a welcome change from the cold Arctic. At the end of his swim Rob sat down to sketch, riding the post-swim endorphin high as he recorded his experience.




These artworks were exhibited during Rob’s solo show at Kendal Museum. They are structured and inspired by the 12km/7.5 mile swim he completed in Lake Ullswater. He always wondered if it would be possible to swim it from end to end. With an artist bursary award from VARC (Visual Arts in Rural Communities) he completed this ambition and created this series of artworks to describe the experience.




These are Rob’s early morning sketches of Reine Harbour in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands, where the still waters are lined with stilted rorbuer (fishermen's cabins), seahouses and drying racks. 



The brothers have worked with filmmakers to make natureful shorts and sometimes adverts promoting wild swimming and… cereal?

Also included are highlights from events they've participated in and led over the years, as well as a slew of swim-related content (kit reviews, swim spot hunts...), created to encourage you to get back outdoors, to reconnect with nature and live more creatively.

The brothers also use the channel to promote their own swims, hoping one day it will span all their adventures together, from the early days of hopping off rock-stacks in Cumbria to whatever swansong adventure it is they attempt as geriatrics. 

Photo | Jody Daunton

The Wild Lady of Loch Broom, Beth Harrison

On 26th August 2017, the brothers swam the full 12.8km length of Loch Broom, in the Scottish Highlands. They did the swim in memory of their Grandma Wild and also to raise awareness about the plight of the Scottish Wildcat with Scottish Wildcat Action.

They were joined in the water by locals Norman and Colin, a whole host of happy lochsiders, old friends, cousins, aunties and uncles, girlfriends and Mum (The Wild Swimming Mother). The swim ended on the lochside at Clachan Church, where their Grandma Wild is buried.


Sandy Kerridge

Uncle Mike

Emily Dow
Wild Cat


Beth Harrison

Jack, Calum & Robbie Hudson

Beth Harrison

James Silson

Tina Wild
Swimmer & Support

Fiona & Katie Beattie
Swimmers & Support

Colin MacLeod & Norman Todd


Meandering Down The Mole, Russell Barnett

This short video filmed and edited by Russell Barnett follows a pod of UK swimmers on a river safari down the River Mole, in Surrey. The two day event took place in the summer of 2018 and included swimming, camping and yoga.

The Wild Swimming Brothers partnered with Adventure Uncovered and called it: Meandering Down The Mole.


Force Of Nature, W.K Kellog

Middle Brother Calum took to the ruffled waters of Bewl Water - an icy 2C - in this promotion for plant-based sugarless Granola, mixed with crunchy almonds, cashews and coconut.

The advert was shot for W.K. Kelloggs. 



Into The Maelstrom, Julian Oczkowski

Created by photographer/filmmaker Julian Oczkowski, this conceptual trailer for the Into The Maelstrom expedition was shot at Jack's local swim spot in Tynemouth, Newcastle.

In this video you'll see Little Brother Jack heading out for one of his last training swims before he flew to Norway to swim across the Saltstraumen and Moskstraumen.


Wild, Beth Harrison

This visually striking short was created for Channel 4 Random Acts by filmmaker Beth Harrison. Beth explores how an immersive experience in nature can help free us from the tensions and pressures of modern life.


Durdle Door Wild Swim, Jordi Castan

Filmed and edited by Jordi Castan, this video follows the WSB/Adventure Uncovered swims at Durdle Door. The event involved a motley group of like-minded swimmers and the awesome Adventure Uncovered team.

It was the first event the brothers took part in with AU and a chance for guests to experience the Jurassic Coast first-hand. In total the weekend included four swims and one washing machine ride in Man of War cove, as well as conservation talks and lots of hearty meals.



“Follow Deakins’ example and break free of the official version of things...”

Finally, here’s some Wild Swimming Brothers photography taken over the years from different swim spots around the world. The photographers themselves are mostly friends and family. They include: James Silson, Tina Wild, Beth Harrison, David Renton, Jody Daunton (Another Escape), Sandy Kerridge and many more... 

You'll find all kinds of lakes, cascades, lagoons and rivers in here. If you looking for your own swims the Outdoor Swimming Society has an awesome resource called the Wild Swim map. The map is open to all swimmers around the world to pin their favourite spots and list the associated dangers and tips.