Eton Swim


WE'RE VERY EXCITED to announce that we'll be taking part in this year's Eton Swim organised by Human Race. We like to mix up our wild swims and expeditions with open water races and it massively helps us to keep training fun and also lets us meet tons more like-minded people who love outdoor swimming just as much as we do. The race is at the venue for the 2012 Olympics, Dorney Lake and we're really up for swimming there. You can swim from 750m up to the iconic 10k ‘swimmers marathon’. We'll be taking part in the 5km race and we'd love for as many of you to join us as possible. We're setting up a special discount code for any of you who want to take part which gives 20% off all distances in the Eton Swim. Find the code and more details below:

We'd love you to come and swim with us at @HumanRaceEvents Eton Swim on the 24th June. You can choose from 750m up to 10km and we'd love to see any of you there, you can use WILDSWIMBROS code which gives you 20% off all distances in the Eton Swim and sign up here