Red Bull & WSB Listicles


IN THE LATE SPRING, 2017, I had the privilege of covering for Pip Stewart and spending two days as the Adventure Editor at the Red Bull UK office in London.was fantastic to spend a few days at Red Bull in the company of extreme sports enthusiasts and to watch professionals traipsing in and out of the building for interviews. 

My mission was to get as much wild swimming content through as I could. The first article is called A beginner's guide to wild swimming in the UK - it's a kind of zero-to-hero guide for any aspiring wild swimmers looking for a cold water adventure. Some of the steps between the stages are quite large, since I wanted to include the Corryvreckan at the end, in an attempt to get some of you into those thrilling maelstroms. 


If you decide to follow this guide please don't rush. Wild swimming can be a very captivating and addictive form of meditation so you don't want to spoil it by hurtling madly through each stage like a seal on a slip-and-slide.

London’s Serpentine Lido, encircled by the open greenery of Hyde Park, is a great spot for a few civilised 100m lengths in the company of the resident swans. Once you’re done you can stretch out on the sun terrace or grab a bite to eat at the waterside tables of the Lido Cafe Bar. There’s even a glass of wine going if you really feel like rewarding yourself.
— A beginner's guide to wild swimming in the UK

The next article I wrote focuses on the less extreme side of wild swimming. It's one for all you floaters and nature-lovers: 5 secret wild swims in the UK and Ireland. I chose a few secluded swim spots from my childhood and one or two that I haven't yet had a chance to try for myself. Mostly they were picked because they offer a certain undisturbed calm, far from the churned waters of the city lidos.

Then, finally, during the London heatwave, I wrote this article for all you slowly-roasting urbanites: 10 Best Wild Swimming Spots In and Around London.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, or to hear about some of your own favourite swim spots, so please do drop me a message below...