Slow Bodø Sunset | Photo: David Renton

Slow Bodø Sunset | Photo: David Renton


Meet the team

There lies the port; the vessel puffs her sail:
There gloom the dark, broad seas. My mariners,
Souls that have toil’d, and wrought, and thought with me—
That ever with a frolic welcome took
The thunder and the sunshine...
— Ulysses, Alfred Tennyson

The WSB team has banded together through rolling rapids and angry maelstroms. Old friends, kindred souls, adventurers at heart - this is the motley crew who help to make each expedition a reality. Ulysses had his band of grizzled mariners, the brothers have this merry lot… 

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James Silson

British Army captain and Captain Practical, James is an avid expedition consultant and drone operator. His speciality: offering logical advice when logic is lacking. Ever a source of optimism and enthusiasm, James was born for adventure, whether that's travelling the world with the British Forces or with the Hudson brothers. What he lacks in fashionable swimwear he certainly makes up for with a purposeful can-do attitude.

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Luke Palmer

Luke takes the lead, alongside Calum, on planning and safety. He is an old friend of the brothers, having grown up with them in the village of Langwathby. He has an uncanny ability to navigate chaos with a Louis Theroux-esque mixture of charm and wit. Perhaps his finest moment occurred when, whilst travelling with the brothers through India, he fended off a charging cow with a deft swipe of a single hand.

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David Renton

Dave is a tech-savvy Scot and Jack's kindred uni' goof. He currently works in 3D Motion and Design, based in Amsterdam - cobbled land of canals and waffles. Standing at around six-foot-five, this veritable Ent is an invaluable member of the team, acting as second-camera, graphic designer and editor. Armed with all manner of bizarre tripods, Dave is an adventurous fella, willing to find those hard to reach vantage points for more obscure shots. You can always count on him having a new documentary you haven't seen and a strange new gadget at his disposal.

Beth Harrison

Beth, Jack’s girlfriend, works in the comedy film and TV industry. At the moment she works is an assistant at Rough Cut TV & Who's On First. During the expeditions, she operates the first camera and specialises in candid, close-up shots. While the boys run-around trying to look epic, Beth provides a calming, grounded influence, never failing to take the edge off the strong cocktail of brawling egos. A qualified open water diver, Beth is no stranger to adventure. She also helps to keep the brothers' mum sane, always remembering to keep her updated as the swims unfold.

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Jack Hudson

Jack is the author of Swim Wild and the last member of the Hudson trio. He was first persuaded to join his brothers, not because he thought it was a good idea, but rather because he couldn't stomach the idea of missing out. Jack brings a warm layer of blubber to the water and swims with a slow, lazy stroke. He has been responsible for a lot of the writing that comes from these boys.

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Calum Hudson

Calum first dreamed-up the Wild Swimming Brothers and roped his siblings into joining him on his mad run of family holidays/adventurous swims. By day he's a sales manager and by... other days… he's a bold expedition leader, searching the globe for interesting challenges in exotic locations. He is also something of a marketing and organisational guru, with the bold charisma needed to lead something as seemingly insane as a maelstrom swim, whilst also causing his mum to have kittens.

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Robbie Hudson

Rob is the strong masthead of the group and the first culprit if there's an empty whiskey bottle lying around. He swims like an unstoppable turtle, a little slower than the other two, but without ever showing any signs of stopping. Swimming has given him great inspiration for his artwork, as well as offering him a chance to spend time with his two younger brothers in far-flung places. Usually he cuts a calm figure, despite his proclivity for listening to hardcore Nordic black metal.