Henley Mile... How Did It Go?


JUST OVER A WEEK ago, Calum and I were invited along to the Henley Mile - a light-hearted family affair run by Henley Swim every year. Equipped with the usual swim/filming kit (except my bloody goggles), we'd be heading downriver through the Henley Royal Regatta boomed course and swimming a mile in the non-competitive sporting category, followed by James Silson (our trusty teammate).

Afterwards we did a brief interview for the Outdoor Swimmer Show and discussed, among other things, the age-old quandary of which brother is the fastest. While we failed to reach a conclusion on that one, we did at least have a great time swimming in the London summer heat and enjoying the verdant green surroundings too. The atmosphere was incredible - very friendly and inviting. There were loads of great adventure stalls, an endless pool and a whole lotta lovely warm food on offer.

We had a great time in the water, treading water, diving with the GoPro and doing our best our best to capture the droves of swimmers as they came by. We saw more smiling faces than we could count and everyone made it across the finish line, so, all in all, our category was a huge success! 

If you're interested in taking part next year, you can find all the information you'll need here. We've found ourselves at a lot of UK swimming events over the years and this was definitely one of our favourites. Even if you don't want to get in the water, the stalls and verdant surroundings are worth the trip. You can hone your stroke technique in the endless pool, lounge on the grass, watching the swimmers roll in, or snap on your cap and goggles and hurl yourself down the Thames. Whatever you decide to do, you definitely won't regret getting yourself to the Henley Mile next year. For further evidence, check out the video we made above...

A huge thanks to Henley Swim for having us along!