Launch of the Go Swim Series...

We're very excited to announce the launch of our new Youtube series which we're calling "Go Swim..." This new series is pretty simple - basically we'll go and swim at a new spot every couple of weeks. Then we'll try to produce fun videos that familiarise you with the different swimming areas. Hopefully we'll get a few of you in the water! At first we'll be doing a tour of London's lido's and we'll also seek out plenty of secret swim spots across the country.


Latest: Keen to get outdoors for some wild swimming, Calum and I decided to make the most of the three-day weekend by heading to leafy Hampstead Heath for a spot of spring swimming in Hampstead Ponds. This was one of Calum's local haunts, although it was the first time I'd visited the ponds and I was unsure what to expect. As it happened, the waters couldn't have been more inviting. We lapped the pond several times, shaded and surrounded by screens of thick foliage and undisturbed by any resident geese or swans. Calum also invited his ol' uni' mate, William Murray, and the three of us filmed this short instalment to the new Go Swim... series. 

Watch out for the Swamp Thing’s early cameo!

Here are two more Go Swim... videos we've released so far:

Watch - Go Swim.... Kings X Pond

Watch - Go Swim..... Lake Ullswater


If you'd like to see more instalments from the 'Go Swim...' series be sure to check out the WSB YouTube channel...

Jack Hudson