The Thames Marathon

THE THAMES MARATHON celebrated its 8th year with another 14km swim from Henley-on-Thames to Marlow. Last year Calum listed it as one of his favourites events and this year I came along to join in. Together we pawed our way down a beautiful stretch of the Thames and completed what is now regarded as one of the UK's top open water marathon swims.

The swim was divided into four different sections and water exit and entry points were set up at the three locks along the way (Hambledon after 4km, Hurley after 10km and, finally, Temple after 11.8km). Food and drink could be found at each stop.


The event took place on Sunday and we were happy to be out and enjoying the open water for the first time as part of Team Selkie. The event itself was run by Henley Swim. The course took us through 14km of sun-dappled water, surrounded by wooded banks and green brush, accompanied by a motley band of tow float tugging swimmers.

If you're looking to take part in this event next year, remember you can choose your category depending on whether you want to swim skins or not. Either way you'll get to experience a beautiful river that seems to be unspoilt by human influence. Henley and Marlow are affluent areas and everything is expertly organised and you always feel well catered for. The river that connects the start and end point seem to be warmed by a convivial atmosphere as well and the passing boats and rowers are always courteous. We had a great time!


Along the way we met a few others from the Selkie clan (keep an eye out for Matty at the first stop in the video above). Then it all ended with the glorious appearance of a steaming stonebaked pizza in the sun - what better way to justify going back again next year! (If you’ll have us)