“Follow Deakins’ example and break free of the official version of things...”

HERE’S A COLLECTION of photos taken over the years from different swims around the world. It’s a mixed bag so image quality ranges. The photographers themselves are mostly friends and family. They include: James Silson, Tina Wild, Beth Harrison, David Renton, Jody Daunton (Another Escape), Sandy Kerridge and many more... 

You'll find all kinds of different far-flung lakes, lagoons and rivers in here. See if any of them are familiar to you and try to pick out the ones from ol’ stormy Blighty as you go.

And if you have your own cool spots to share please do get in touch with the brothers and send them through.

The Lofoten Islands  | Photo: Robbie Hudson

The Lofoten Islands | Photo: Robbie Hudson


You can also check out the Wild Swimming Brothers' Instagram feed below. The brothers love to hear from fellow swimmers and adventurers so please don't hesitate to drop them a message.