Review: Alpkit Terrapin Wetsuit

Small, Medium, Medium Tall, Large, X-Large | £99.00

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CALUM, ROBBIE AND I sat down to review the new Terrapin Natural Wetsuit (Mens) - a great, nigh essential bit of summer kit, designed for improved form in the water, with maximum flexibility for a greater range of movement and uninhibited swimming action.

This particular summer suit was designed to complement the natural position of a swimmer as they move through the water, ensuring increased flexibility and more supple movement. in short, this is a suit that gets out of your way in the water. It doesn't slow you down or restrict your movement, but it does keep you warm - just not quite as warm as some of the thicker winter suits.

The Terrapin design was created in collaboration with industry guru Dean Jackson, tailored for open water and adventure swimming, whether you're leaping into the swirling Corryvreckan or taking a little dip in your local watering hole. This is the thinnest and most flexible suit in the Alpkit range. It allows you to have improved buoyancy in the water and, of course, adds a layer of temperature retention so you can stay in the water for longer.

All of three of us took these bad boys down to Brockwell Lido the day they arrived. We all talked about we felt much freer whilst wearing the wetsuit. It's no secret that the neoprene can sometimes tighten your movements and leave rash marks on your neck, but with the Terrapin we didn't seem to have either of these problems.

The last suit we received from Alpkit - the one we used for our Norway swims - was the Lotic, which was much thicker and, while it did keep us fairly toasty in that unforgiving Arctic water, it certainly was a lot more restrictive than the thinner, more lightweight Terrapin. See it for yourself in our video review:

Tailored for open water and adventure swimming, whether you’re leaping into the swirling Corryvreckan or taking a little dip in your local watering hole.

The Terrapin is a very affordable and sleek wetsuit also available in a Women's specific fit. See below for a more detailed list of features:


 Less buoyancy for more natural swimming strokes

Made of durable neoprene

Buoyant leg section for improved form in both front crawl and breaststroke

Outer glideskin decreases friction

Flexible shoulders for extended reach

Blue wrist colouring for better stroke perception

 Integrated pouch for valuables

Comfortable neck with nylon lining