Review: Alpkit Lotic Wetsuit

Small, Medium, Medium Tall, Large, X-Large | £99.00

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I’D BEEN EXTREMELY excited to try out the new Alpkit Lotic Wetsuit for a while now. We’ve worked with them closely before and their fantastic OHiro Jackets kept us incredibly warm during our Swim the Eden challenge. In fact, they were one of our favourite pieces of kit so I really wanted to see how the wetsuit compared.

I wanted to put the suit through its paces and was going to be testing it out at the swim leg of the Double Brutal Triathlon. This is a Double Ironman distance ultra triathlon in Wales and the swim was a 4.8 mile lake swim in 13 degree water - pretty chilly!


Now the first thing I look for in a wetsuit is whether it is easy to put on and take off (key for transition on triathlons). I was pleased to find out the Lotic is extremely easy to put on. Very comfy, nice and flexible around the shoulders and knees and a really great fit.

Onto the swim, the Lotic is really buoyant and I could feel the extra lift in my legs as we rounded the first buoy. I could also feel my sidekicking was much stronger than usual. The extra elastiscity around the wrists and ankle meant the suit didn’t hinder my technique, as well as helping my support team to spot me. The extra buoyancy helped with energy conservation and I was feeling strong and powerful during the halfway point.

Now this is the point where any wetsuit earns its stripes, halfway through the swim, 2.4 miles and over 1.15 hour of swimming and the thickness and warmth are key. This is where the Lotic stood out for me. I didn’t feel the cold at all and this really helped my muscles stay warm and my breathing measured. I powered through and really began to enjoy the beautiful scenery, taking in the rising sun as we swam across the lake.

The high flexibility around the shoulders helped as my arms began to tire over the final 100m, with the finish in sight I powered through and I finished the swim after really putting the suit through its paces.

I couldn’t recommed the Alpkit Lotic highly enough, super warm and thick without sacrificing on comfort and flexibility. My only critism was that there isn’t a velco patch above the bum to stick the zip string to while swimming but other than that it’s baptism of fire at the Double Brutal swim proved the Lotic to be up there with the best wetsuits I’ve worn!

Excellent range of motion, very warm with low abrasion around the neck. See below for a more detailed list of features:


 Extra buoyancy in the legs for greater speed and energy conservation

 Glideskin outer for reduced friction and easier maintenance

High flexibility around shoulders for unrestricted arm movement

Red flashes at wrists and ankles for visibilty

Abrasion resistant nylon on high wear points

Integrated pouch for valuables

Comfort neck

Proven in UK waters from 8ºC