Review: Speedo Rift Pro Mask

Rift Pro Mask | £23.00

Colour : Red/Smoke


I FIRST SAW ROBBIE using the Rift Pro Mask when we visited Brockwell Lido several weeks ago. At the time I was using much smaller, more loose-fitting goggles that kept fogging underwater. I'd swim a couple of lengths and then wind-up half blind, pawing through the bubbling shroud, unsure as to what exactly was ahead of me. I tried Robbie's mask towards the end of the swim and was stunned by the sudden clarity of the water and the lack of mist on the insides of the larger lenses.

Needless to say, I soon bought myself a pair and haven't looked back since. I would highly recommend these beauties for anyone who's having similar trouble with visibility. They are designed for superior comfort, using cutting-edge Biofuse technology that matches the durable structure of a skeleton with the supple flexibility of muscle. Setting aside the stylish design, these goggles were created with peak performance in mind, as well as being enhanced for maximum comfort and fit (you might even forget you're wearing them), with improved visibility and a larger field of vision, owing to the expanded lenses.  


The design features a durable inner frame, with deeper, softer seals, hugging the contours of your face, with a flexible gel-like material that stretches to match your movement. The straps are also easily adjustable, so if you're collecting water just take a second to tighten them before you carry on swimming.

If you'd like to find out more you can find this particular product on the Speedo store page.