The Wild Swimming Brothers
The Wild Swimming Brothers
Three brothers. Born in Yorkshire. Raised in the Lake District.



AS KIDS the brothers only swam outdoors in short, often shriek-inducing bursts. They’d take their inflatable crocodile Snappy out from the beach at Tynemouth, Devon. Or they’d leap into the tidal pools that edge the beaches of Achnahaird, Scotland. Then they moved to the Lake District and wild swimming became more accessible. Nights spent camping were punctuated with unlit sprints into ponds and rivers. And all the local kids were in it together - riding the rivers, sprawled-out like Baloo from Jungle Book.

It was Big Brother Robbie who first opted to try an endurance swim (as part of a locally funded art project). Earning his name as The Unstoppable Turtle, he slowly nosed his way along the 7.3 mile length of Lake Ullswater. His accomplishment was like the echoing blast of a conch shell. Calum heard it and suddenly launched himself into a heady string of extreme triathlons. Soon the two of them were training apart, always in competition, until the idea surfaced that they could attempt something together.

But someone was missing…

While the older two were doing their Survivor-backed Rocky routines, Little Brother Jack was holed-up in his Newcastle cocoon, writing a sci-fi story. Little did he know this brotherly plot was now in motion and Calum was hatching a long, homegrown swim, which he called: Swim The Eden.

It would be a world-first attempt to swim for 9-days and 90-miles down the River Eden, in Cumbria - a river that once flowed past the foot of their childhood home.


Calum asked if Jack wanted to come along as a support kayaker and of course Jack took offence to that and decided he would be swimming the whole length of the Eden too.

With that the trident was complete and the family adventure began…




THE BROTHERS family adventure is still going strong. It has taken them to far-flung Croatian islands, fearsome Norwegian maelstroms and peaceful Scottish Lochs.

None of this would’ve been possible without the support of the wetsuit-clad WSB clan. The boys want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported them and to everyone they’ve swum with over the years.

The support of fellow swimmers and friends around the world has enabled them to raise money and awareness for conservation, whilst also spending time promoting a life outdoors, doing something they always loved.

Here are a few of their expeditions so far…











The brothers also want to whip their swim caps off for a few of their mighty sponsors and partners over the years…