Swim Wild

Hardcover (19 Apr, 2018)

I’ve never met a child... who was not interested in natural history. So, the – I mean just the simplest thing, a five-year-old turning over a stone and seeing a slug, you know, and says, “What a treasure – how does it live and what are those things on the front?” Kids love it. Kids understand the natural world … so the question is how did you lose it? How did anyone lose interest in nature?
— David Attenborough, Attenborough Meets Obama, BBC One

JACK: After a year of keeping it under wraps, we're delighted to be able to share our book with you. It's called Swim Wild, published by Hodder imprint Yellow Kiteand it was written by Little Brother Jack (me), with contributions and illustrations from Calum and Robbie (The Wild Swimming Brothers).

The book is about our childhood spent in nature and our more recent wild swimming adventures together, from travelling into the Arctic Circle, swimming across the two most powerful maelstroms in the world (Saltstraumen and Moskstraumen), to spending nine days swimming the length of our childhood river, the Eden, in Cumbria. We hope that this book encourages you to go on your own adventures, to get back in touch with the natural world and to live more creatively.


Swim Wild is now officially available to PRE-ORDER. Just follow the links below to order your copy from either Amazon, Waterstones or WHSmith. We'll have more updates on this soon...