IN ADDITION to the collection of photos they've gathered over the years, the brothers have also decided to keep a video record of their swims. In early 2017 Beth became their videographer and began releasing weekly videos via their YouTube channel:


The Wild Lady of Loch Broom, Beth Harrison


As well as appearing on YouTube, the brothers enlisted the help of friends/professionals to make shorts and occasionally an advert or two - as you'll see below. Also included are highlights and trailers from events they've participated in and led over the years.

As a collection, the brothers hope that one day these videos will span all of their expeditions together, from the early days of hopping off rock-stacks in Cumbria to whatever swansong adventure it is they attempt together as withered old geriatrics. 



Be A Force of Nature, W.K Kellog


Middle Brother Calum took to icy Bewl Water (2 degrees) in this promotion of plant based No Added Sugar Granola, mixed with crunchy almonds, cashews and coconut. The advert was shot for W.K. Kelloggs. #ForceOfNature


Durdle Door Wild Swim, Jordi Castan


Filmed and put together by Jordi Castan this video follows the WSB/Adventure Uncovered swims at Durdle Door, featuring a motley group of like-minded swimmers and the awesome Adventure Uncovered team. This was the first event the brothers took part in with AU (hopefully the first of many) and a chance for guests to experience the Jurassic Coast first-hand. In total, the weekend included four swims and one washing machine ride in the Man o' War cove, as well as conservation talks and plenty of delicious food.


Into The Maelstrom, Julian Oczkowski


Created by professional photographer, Julian Oczkowski, this conceptual trailer for the Into The Maelstrom expedition was shot at Jack's local swim spot in Newcastle. In this video you'll see little brother Jack on one of his last training swims before he flew to Norway to meet his brothers.


Wild, beth harrison


In this visually striking and sensual short with Little Brother Jack (created for Channel 4 Random Acts), director Beth explores how an immersive experience in nature can help free us from the tensions and pressures of modern life.