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We want to inspire people of all ages to take part in open water swimming. For many reasons, wild swimming holds a special place in all three of our hearts. By swimming different waterways we hope to encourage others to live more creatively, whilst also reconnecting with the natural world.

MEET JACK, CALUM AND ROBBIE HUDSON, three brothers born and raised in an English pie-eating county called Yorkshire. Growing up, they loved nothing more than inventing games together and exploring the wild outdoors, whether it was kayaking with seals and porpoises in Scottish lochs or paddling with their inflatable crocodile, Snappy, off the beaches of Devon. Then their lives changed when they moved up to Cumbria and found the idyllic Lake District within cycling distance. Slowly they learned the simple joy of whiling away their summers jumping off stacks and wild swimming with friends. It was a fun way of staying healthy, whilst also relishing this ancient playground we have waiting for us outside. 

Eventually, as they grew older, the brothers started to notice that folk, including themselves, were growing increasingly more and more detached from the natural world. Working in cities, they began to feel the weight of life in the urban grind - the common monotony of a nine-to-five, during which the only wildlife we see is the occasional drab pigeon or seagull. At the same time they noticed a sad cycle of anxiety, fatigue and desperation. It seemed like everything they'd done as kids was fading behind the tinted glass of nostalgia. So, they decided to get together and change their course. 

Suddenly the Wild Swimming Brothers was born.


Little Brother JACK (25) is the youngest of the Hudson brothers. He is an author represented by London literary agency Curtis Brown, having written a book about the Wild Swimming Brothers, which is scheduled to be published soon. 

Jack also graduated from Northumbria Uni' with a degree in English Lit..  

WEAKNESS: Anything edible. 

STRENGTH: Paddle-sized hands.


LIFE DREAM: Living on a desert island, surrounded by monkeys.


Middle Brother CALUM (27) holds the irksome middle spot. He graduated from Durham uni' with a hard-earned degree in Law and has been a sales manager in London for the prior three years. Essentially he's the mastermind behind the Wild Swimming Brothers, as well as being an adventurous soul. No stranger to the UK Iron Man, Celt Man and The Brutal extreme triathlons, Calum is definitely the best runner of the three.

WEAKNESS: Middle child syndrome.

STRENGTH: Double Ironman. 

FAVOURITE SWIMSPOT: Underground Lagoons, Guatemala. 

LIFE DREAM: Build a log cabin by the sea.


Big Brother, ROBBIE (29), is the eldest of the trio, as well as being the proverbial canary in the cage. He graduated from Newcastle with a degree in Fine Art and immediately went darting around the world, from Australia to Germany. Eventually he settled in Berlin, where he now works as an artist, as well as being editor-in-chief of BOXROX. You might've seen his swim-inspired VARC paintings at the Kendal Arts Centre in April 2015.

WEAKNESS: Art degree.

STRENGTH: Triangular physique. 

FAVOURITE SWIM SPOT: Pamukkale, Turkey.

LIFE DREAM: Build a beautiful wooden studio for creating artwork.



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Three brothers raised in the Cumbrian outback. Together they promote wild swimming, conservation and the connection between the arts and the natural world.

The story began almost three years ago, when the Hudson brothers started training for their first adventure. Tired of their routines and eager for a reunion, they decided to embark on a nine-day/ninety-mile swim down the River Eden, which once flowed past the foot of their childhood home. Over the course of the following year they trained and trained in their respective pools, tallying up more and more miles, whilst slowly learning to travel much faster and more smoothly through the water. Towards the end of that year they began to hit the open water, fully aware that the River Eden was going to be very different from their clean, heated indoor pools. The occasional cold shower certainly wasn't going to be enough to prepare them for nine days in the river.  

Finally, as part of their intense last few weeks of preparation, the brothers decided to travel to Scotland and swim across the Corryvreckan (the third largest maelstrom in the world). Two weeks after this crossing the brothers were scheduled to walk to the source of the Eden. As it happened, this was going to be their first symbolic outing and the first big splash for the Wild Swimming Brothers. Little did they know, they were about to take the first step on a long and exciting journey - one that would take them to far-flung islands and beautiful waters, allowing them to raise money and awareness for important causes, whilst also spending time together doing something they always loved...

Here's a list of the swims they've completed so far:






None of this would've ever been possible if it wasn't for the ongoing support of the WSB following. The brothers wanted to let you know that it means the world to them - they couldn't keep these adventures going without you. They would also like to say a big thank you to some of their mighty kit and corporate sponsors: 


Nothing of any note is ever accomplished by any lone individual - we are all the sum of our parts.
— Jack Hudson



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Contact Us

If you'd like to contact the brothers regarding sponsorship, events or anything official then the press contact details are provided below. The brothers are always keen to connect with folk who share their love of re-wilding and wild swimming. 


Press Contact

Tel: 07788248665



Calum is the cross-legged Yoda sitting at the helm of our various marketing strategies. One of our key strengths is the ability to reach our audience through four streams. Not only do we speak out as the Wild Swimming Brothers, but we also have our own individual channels as well. Our aim is to offer personal and direct engagement, whilst simultaneously increasing our share options and the likelihood of our ramblings and adventures potentially going viral. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to reach one of the brothers, you can get in touch with Robbie, Calum or Jack via their respective social media outlets and emails. Robbie handles the artwork and sports-orientated blogs, Calum is responsible for our press and published articles and Jack is usually put in charge of the more personal, creative writing:



Twitter: @wild_hudson





Twitter: @C_T_Hudson




Twitter: @J_D_Hudson




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