Meet Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson...


THREE BROTHERS from the pastry-crusted outback of Northern England. As kids they swam together in the lakes, tarns and rivers of the Lake District. Whole summers were spent in nature. We're talking beach BBQs, river raft races, pier-diving comps and more campfire circles than you could shake a marshmallow stick at.

It was simple stuff. And all the local kids shared in it together. But in time working life loomed. Then the boys stumbled into that deathly clinch commonly referred to as... adulthood

Soon the brothers noticed that themselves and many of their friends were drifting away from the natural world. Working in cities, they felt the weight of life in the urban grind - the common monotony of a nine-to-five, when the only wildlife you see is the occasional pigeon or seagull. 

They also felt themselves swirling into a cycle of apathy, detachment and anxiety. Many others had fallen into similar patterns of emotion. Social anxiety seemed to be commonplace. They began to realise that a widespread dislocation is taking place. We are closing our minds to the value of the natural world - forgetting our place among the other wild animals of this Blue Planet.

So, intent on dragging along anyone else who was up for the ride, the brothers decided to reunite in Cumbria and change their course. Thus, like a big, beautiful butterfly unfolding from its chrysalis, the Wild Swimming Brothers were born...

  Brothers (from left to right): Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson

Brothers (from left to right): Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson



Little Brother Jack (26) is a writer. He worked as a lifeguard as a teen so he could be close to water. He can often be found floating along on the surface when he really should be swimming.

Jack has written articles for the Sunday Telegraph, BA Highlife and Another Escape. He was also the Guest Adventure Editor at Red Bull UK.

His debut book Swim Wild is out now in Waterstones and other bookshops around the country.

Jack is represented by Richard Pike at Conville & Walsh.

T: @J_D_Hudson



Middle Brother Calum (29) sits in that irritating middle spot. He’s the modern-day Gandalf who poked the other two out of their cosy Hobbit holes and bundled them into a 90-day/90-mile River Eden swim.

Through the week he works as a Sales Manager at Eventbrite. When the weekend rolls around he's usually off outdoors somewhere, getting stuck into extreme triathlons, from Celt Man to The Double Brutal.

Nature was his first love, ever since he picked up a big, thick encyclopaedia and made a sport of memorising species and different sites of natural beauty around the world.

T: @C_T_Hudson

We want to inspire people of all ages to take part in wild swimming. For many reasons this sport holds a special place in all three of our hearts. It has changed our lives. By swimming different rivers, ponds, lakes and seas we hope to encourage others to live more creatively and to reconnect with the natural world.


Big Brother Robbie (31) is the eldest of the trio. He was the proverbial canary in the coalmine, sent down to test the gloom of adulthood before the other two.

He now works as an artist in Berlin, as well as being Editor-in-chief of BOXROX. Some of his swim-inspired VARC paintings were also recently shown during a solo exhibition at the Kendal Arts Centre.

From a young age it was clear Rob had his Mum's artistic genes. He would often draw unflattering caricatures of his teachers and hand-in homework scrawled with painstakingly shaded doodles. Today he sketches and paints using wild swimming as inspiration.


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