90-mile river eden swim

Almost a year in the making, the 9-day/90-mile Swim the Eden expedition was a chance for the brothers to return to their roots and revisit the swimming spots they loved so much as kids. It was also, admittedly, an opportunity for them to swap the humdrum clockwork of their respective cities (Newcastle, London, Berlin) for the easy rhythms of the natural world. The fact that, in escaping the grind, they could simultaneously raise money for the Swimming Trust was just the icing on the cake - they had to go through with it!

In hindsight, the Eden swim turned out to be immensely fun and Jack described a great loss the morning after they finished, when he woke up to the realisation that he wouldn't be seeing his brothers or their support team. It took them 9-days to make it from the peaty bogs and gorges of Black Fell Moss, down the steep dale of Mallerstang, through the green Vale of Eden, across the Eden Valley to the the squelching tidal flats of England’s eastern coast, where the Eden joins the River Esk and enters the Solway Firth.

The whole swim was filmed by the human Swiss Army knife, James Silson. He kayaked along beside the brothers, occasionally supported by Jack's good mates David Renton and Sandy Kerridge, strapped with drones, GoPros and all manner of clunking film paraphernalia. Here's another example of the kind of folk who suddenly surprise you with their generosity, whilst also going the extra distance to get you through tough times.

There are some others the brothers would like to acknowledge at this point, who were essential to the success of the Eden swim. Unfortunately they couldn’t list all of their supporters by name, meaning everyone who donated money and cheered them on. With this in mind, they would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your contributions, big and small – it makes all the difference...

The River Eden Angling Association and its members
Stephen Allison of Aisgill Farm
Brockwell Lido
Michele Chung
The Crown and Thistle Inn
Drybeck Farm
Mike Field
Beth Harrison
Danny, Liz and Lee Hayward
Colin Hill
Becky Horton
Ralph Hudson
Sandy Kerridge
John and Linda Key
James Male
Dave Renton
Kate Rew
Laura Del Rio of The Queen’s Pub
Shaun and Gill Silson
James Silson
Scott and Lissie Stevens
Borut Strel
Tim Sutton
Mark Thurston
Adam Walker
The Walsh Brothers
Elizabeth Warburton
Tina Wild


Follow this link to read more about the Swim The Eden expedition.